texts from last night meets uta no☆prince-sama♪. chaos ensues.

there will spoilers for uta no☆prince-sama♪ in all its form, medium and glory. game cgs and sprites are painstakingly taken by me and the s1 and s2 screencaps are both from my and grey's stash of caps.

uta no☆prince-sama♪ © broccoli. this blog is just for fun tiemz.

[Image - We all know what a fitness nerd Tokiya is.]

[Text - (234): Did you know that taking off a bra with teeth burns ninty calories?]

[Image - Haruka and Syo, talking about lol Satsuki. Ichii and Otoya, judging from afar.]

[Text - (707): People shouldn’t leave you two alone together. You’re just going to end up having sex.]

[Image - Tokiya lecturing Ren while secretly thinking about Masa. Part 2 of Sele’s OT3 biases come to light.]

[Text - (936): If you’re mature enough to fuck him you’re mature enough to tell him you don’t want a relationship come on]

[Photoset - Masato and Ren’s UST with Ichii trapped in between. Again, Sele’s OT3 biases come to light.]

[Text - (404): I think you should just bang him and get it out of your system. (910): That’s what you say about everyone.]

When your dad pretty much upstages you when it’s your time to shine (and holds a my-kids-are-better-than-your-kids contest with other dads), then you know he’s the best dad ever!! 

… I have no other witty things to say at this point. 


[Photoset - Tomo and Haruka, meeting again after their Saotome Academy days.]

[Text - (647): We’re like a dynamic duo. (1-647): Bisexual and Proud, Lesbian and Loud.]

[Image - Haruka, running through the woods.]

[Text - (713): I just ran into the woods like an idiot because ADVENTURE.]

[Image - Eiichi, being creepertastic! I love that Utapri delivers my sustenance for batshit.]

[Text - (720): I’m back in the dating scene now… Since the legality issue calmed down. And my stalking charges were dropped.]

[Image - Nagi being an asshat to Syo. Aren’t they cute? They’re like almost the same height and all]

[Text - (540): i feel this outfit says i’m better than you, but i might give you a handjob behind a building]